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5 Ways To Spend Less Time In The Kitchen This Year

If 2014 is the year of healthy eating, then you might think you'll be stuck in the kitchen every night after work. Well, eating healthy doesn't have to be as time-consuming as you might think! Here are five great ways to spend less time in the kitchen this year, without sacrificing your health or budget!


Cook In Bulk

This means you should double your vegetarian chili recipe or buy two chickens for roasting on Sunday! You don't have to add much more work or time in the kitchen, and you will have twice as many meals. Make sure you have enough containers for freezing, and be sure to label each item with the name and date! You can also invest in a Food Saver to vacuum-seal individual meals or portions for super easy weekday defrosting! You can even store completely cooked food - like bits of shredded chicken - then defrost it in the fridge overnight or while you're at work, and it's ready to be tossed in a salad or over rice.


Invest In A Slow Cooker

Who doesn't want to dump a bunch of ingredients in a slow cooker, set it, and come home to a healthy home-cooked meal? Find a few go-to crock pot recipes that you can make any day during the week and you can significantly reduce your time spent in the kitchen.

Chop For Multiple Meals

Making a stir-fry for dinner one night? Chop up extra vegetables for tomorrow's breakfast omelet or lunch salad. You can store extra veggies in a sealed container for 2-3 days for easy meal preparation.

Buy A Salad Spinner

You know how it's annoying to wash greens then wait forever for them to dry? Buy yourself a nice salad spinner and you can cut the wait time down to just a couple of minutes. You should also wash two day's worth of greens at a time. If you're making kale chips today, wash enough kale for tomorrow's lunchtime salad or dinnertime soup or chili. Same goes for herbs and other greens. They will stay crisp when stored in the fridge for about 2 days.


Find Gadgets For Time-Consuming Tasks

Just like bedroom and bathroom accessories, gadgets for the kitchen can help with organization and convenience. Now that you have great tips for everyday problems, list any time-sucking tasks that you can't find a solution to, then help yourself out with a useful kitchen gadget! For example, if you make a lot of muffins, pancakes, and cupcakes, invest in a batter dispenser to cut back on time and mess. If you waste time with a traditional coffee maker each day just for a single cup, get an automatic coffee maker with single-cup reusable pods. And for those of you whose families love griddle sandwiches, treat yourself to a timesaving panini press. You can also find apple corers, mango slicers, mini choppers and more to cut time spent on tedious tasks. Here are 10 kitchen gadgets you need.


Want to update your accessories and gadgets to spend less time in the kitchen this year? Shop LTD Commodities today for everything from discount furniture to housewares and dining accessories this year!