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6 Ways To Keep Your Deck Beautiful

The sun is out and you're getting plenty of vitamin D, but while it sheds light on all that is beautiful, the sun can take a toll on your deck. You did your part to prepare your deck for the season, but maintenance is required. Here are 6 ways you can keep your deck beautiful all summer long.

1) Keep It Dry

The sun is expected to shine from May to September, but there's bound to be a rainstorm sprinkled here and there and wet weather is detrimental to a deck, even if it's been sealed.

2) Bring In The Welcome Mat

The welcome mat is an outdoor accessory that is great for concrete and not so great for wood. When it rains, some welcome mats trap water underneath them. Water warps wood and it aids in rotting it. Though the spot outside your door is a high-traffic area, it can wear out faster with the welcome mat. If you want to keep people from tracking mud and dirt into the house, try making the mat part of your indoor home decor.

3) Keep It Clean

Make sure your deck is clean. Go over it once in a while with a broom to sweep out any debris to prevent accumulation. Any leaves or organic matter that builds up is a potential problem for rot and mildew.

4) Rearrange The Furniture

Occasionally move your deck furniture and planters around. This rotates the wood that is exposed to sunlight and moisture to prevent or slow down any discoloration of the wood.

5) Mid-Summer Maintenance

About halfway through the summer, inspect your deck. Check for any wood that may be rotting or splitting and replace any boards that show signs of deterioration. Make sure the stairs and railings are secure. Check for any loose or corroded screws and nails, and replace or tighten anything that's out of place.

6) Flora And Fauna

Regularly trim any trees or bushes surrounding your deck. Moisture and plant growth can lead to mildew, rot and premature decay. Burrowing bugs and animals may find a home in your deck. Any holes made by critters will open it up to rot and weaken your deck, leading to safety hazards.

A deck is a great place to relax and enjoy your home during the summer. It does require some maintenance to keep it beautiful, but it won't require too much work if you keep up a regular preservation plan.

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