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7 Tween Gift Ideas

Photo of Boom Bowl Sound Amplifiers

Finding gifts for kids that fall between child and teen can be a challenge. Boys and girls in this age range want to be considered a little more grown up, but may still have some favorite childhood toys. We've put together a quick list of gifts that are sure to appeal to this tough-to-buy-for group.


A journal can be anything your tween wants it to be: diary, sketchbook, dream doodler, sports stats ledger or memory keeper. If your tween wants to redecorate her bedroom, have her use a journal make a list of things she'd like to change. When you're ready to start planning, here are some easy ways to transform a bedroom.

Cooking Gadgets

Kids this age are beginning to want to help out in the kitchen and can follow a recipe on their own. Inspire their inner chef with a gadget that makes cooking fun! From a tabletop pie maker to a mini cupcake baker, budding chefs will have a blast creating delicious snacks for friends and family.

Board Games

From classics like Battleship and Monopoly to new games like Bananagrams and Apples to Apples, board games are always a winning gift idea.


Books often vary depending on the child and current book trends. Certainly books that have been the inspiration for movies are pretty safe bets. The Hunger Games, Percy Jackson and the Olympians and The Chronicles of Narnia are all books that have definite appeal to the tween age group. Here's a great list of popular tween books.

Gift Cards

Many people think gift cards are impersonal and boring, but to a tween a gift card means money of their own to spend as they want. How about a gift card to their favorite burger joint or ice cream shop? Is he into gadgets? Give him one from the local electronics store. Does she love to shop? Treat her to a mall gift card so she can pick out her own bedroom decorations, bathroom storage items or picture frames. Many tweens would also likely enjoy a gift card to download music and apps.

Movie Tickets

Kids this age love to have a little independence. By giving them their own movie tickets, you're also giving them the feeling of freedom. That's not to say you shouldn't help guide their movie choices or maybe even tag along to the theater, but the message will still be clear that you see them as old enough to do something fun on their own.


The list here is practically endless. From portable music players and tablets to handheld games and gaming systems, the number of gadgets available for kids is astounding. Just pick a price range you can afford and stick with it. Want something quick and affordable? You can't go wrong with a stylish set of headphones or earbuds.

It can be a challenge to shop for tweens, but with these gift ideas in mind you should have no problem finding something appealing for this age group that falls between little kids and teenagers. Be sure to shop LTD for affordable tween gifts, as well as our selection of home decor, apparel and holiday essentials.