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Bringing Order to Your Bathroom

With all of the creams and soaps to choose from, it's hard to keep the vanity in check! Here are a couple of ways to make sure your bathroom looks as good as you.

Drawer Dividers

Bathrooms are generally small and most things we keep in there are small, too. With so many tiny items, it's easy for them to get tangled up in the bathroom drawer. To keep things contained, insert drawer dividers. They will help you keep all of your hairpins, rubber bands and brushes sorted and your drawer easy to navigate.

Closet storage

Shoe Tree

If you have a small bathroom with no cabinet or drawer space, look to the back of your door for bathroom storage. A shoe tree hanging from your door can compartmentalize all of your toiletries without creating a mess or taking up precious real estate in your bathroom.

Storage and organization

Think Vertically

An underutilized space in the bathroom is above the toilet. You can easily install an extra shelf or cubby over the toilet to make room for towels, toilet paper, cheap toys and all kinds of bathroom products.

Bathroom storage

Cabinet Dividers

It's easy to let things get out of control under the sink. With all of the cleaning products and tools, it's hard to sift through things when you need them or your sink has plumbing issues. To avoid confusion and chaos, put in a cabinet divider or an extra shelf. Either one will help you separate and classify your cleaning products neatly.

Practice Self-Control

There are many ways to give yourself a spa treatment at home — pumice for your feet, clay for your face, a mask for your hair, polish for your nails — the list is endless. Don't get caught up in a product rabbit hole. Once every few months, make sure to go through your extra body products and throw out the ones you know you won't use again. Paring things down will help keep order in your bathroom.

The bathroom is the one room we can't avoid using, so we can't avoid making it a mess. Every little bit of order and maintenance will keep cleaning to a minimum. You can get everything for your household from LTD Commodities. Whether it's cookbooks or a garden hose, shop here for all your home basics.