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Get Your Yard Ready For The 4th With These Must Have Tips

The 4th of July is a time to celebrate our independence and also a wonderful part of summer to be outside with friends and family. With a little extra work, your yard will be a crowd pleaser for this year's Independence Day barbeque. Read on for our tips to help you get your backyard ready for the perfect 4th.

Patio Gardens

If you don't have flower beds or a big area to work with, fill planters and pots with lively summer blooms to add color to your outdoor space. If you plan on entertaining on a deck or patio, be sure to give it a good sweeping or blast it with a power washer to remove built-up dirt and grime. While you're at it, give your outdoor furniture a good cleaning to create a fresh and inviting place for guests to sit and visit.

Water Your Plants

A good lawn requires some time and care. If you can't find time to water plants in the early morning, consider buying water toys for the kids. Whether your kids enjoy water guns or water balloons, have a regularly scheduled competition. You could also create a sort of I spy game, having the kids find and water the plants you describe. You can encourage physical activity, quality family time, and get a chore out of the way. As a note, you should water plants in the early morning when the remaining water can evaporate during the day. Watering midday wastes water to evaporation, and watering before dusk means water will sit on plants through the night, making them susceptible to disease.

Plan Your Own Landscaping

After filling in any spots in your grass, spruce up your lawn with some lively plants. Good landscaping elevates a yard from boring to breathtaking. The plants and their layout set the mood for the space, whether it's designed to be a focal point, functional or both. Ideas, instructions and helpful tips can be found both in landscaping and home gardening books, and online. A little research goes a long way when planning your own landscaping.

Preparing For Landscaping

An easy way to prepare the ground is to cover the area in a clear plastic tarp so sunlight naturally "cooks" the soil. This process, called soil solarization, traps the sun's heat between the plastic and the ground, heating the ground and killing any freshly tilled weed seeds. This is an easy way to clear the soil instead of applying dangerous chemicals. If you only need a small area cleared for a single plant, consider using a dining plate or charger as a template to cut the plastic to shape and size. Weigh down the plastic so it won't blow away in a summer storm. This will take some time, so start early because it may take up to a few weeks if it isn't terribly warm outside.

Add Seasonal Accents

Put your patio, deck and yard into a holiday mood with seasonal accents and decor. Drape your party space in full patriotic color with a holiday bunting, add Americana yard stakes to a walkway, or greet visitors with a statue accented American flag. Simple accents of red, white and blue will turn your event into an all-American gathering.

Use Creative Lighting

If your party will continue into the night, use solar string lights around your yard. It's a twist on the usual tiki torches and an easy way to go green. You can wrap them around trees, bushes, umbrellas and tents, creating a whimsical getaway just a few steps from your home. You could also use mason jars or hanging LED candles from tree branches.

With these helpful tips, you're on the way to growing a great lawn for this year's 4th of July's festivities. Shop LTD Commodities for your lawn decoration needs and additional inspiration. We have everything you need to make your lawn beautiful, including bulbs and seeds, planters, garden decor, solar lights, outdoor furniture, garden statues and more.