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Hit The Books For Meal Planning 101

Sometimes, trying to come up with a different meal for every night of the week can feel like the pop quiz you didn't study for. But it's never too late to learn new tricks for dinners and desserts that are delicious and quick and easy to make too. If all the recipes in your old cookbooks seem dull and overused, maybe it's time to expand your culinary library.

Cold And Slow Are A Cook's Best Friends

Making a new meal every night can make you feel like you don't have a free moment to yourself. That's why busy cooks work ahead and freeze meals for later in the week. If you've got room in the freezer, you can even prepare the whole week's menu in one day. There is a wide selection of cookbooks specifically focusing on meals you can freeze without losing flavor. Of course, if you are working day-to-day, a slow cooker can be a huge time saver -- getting those ingredients that take hours to cook ready for the plate when you get home. With our busy lifestyles, it's no wonder that volumes devoted to slow cooker recipes are among the best selling cookbooks today.

Cupcakes, Cookies, Oh My! Cookbook

Sweet Breaks From The Routine

Sure you're in a hurry, but enjoying life often requires stopping to smell the roses...or the chocolate. When you feel like getting creative in the kitchen, desserts and other sweet snacks often make a great edible canvas on which to express yourself. Explore your artistry with the help of books full of unique recipes and decorating tips. The satisfaction you'll find in completing a batch of colorful cupcakes may renew your love of cooking altogether.

Kitchen Can Do -- 6-in-1 tool.

Be Prepared!

Cookbooks are a great source for meal ideas, but they won't do you much good without the right pots, pans, platters, utensils and kitchen gadgets. Read your recipes thoroughly before you begin and make sure you have everything you need to make the finished food a roaring success.

Work With What You've Got

Some cookbooks feature exotic recipes that demand running out to an expensive specialty store or the local farmer's market. But time and expense play a role in what you can make, so you may need to rely on those common products you use every day. Fortunately, the cookbook publishers of the world realize this and regularly offer books with recipes that use affordable, brand name products you probably already have in the pantry.

Cook With A Little Star Power

There's a good reason why cookbooks by TV cooking show hosts and other foodie celebrities sell so well -- these people really know what they're doing! Plus, many of these books are aimed at readers just like you, with many unique yet easy-to-make meals. Best of all, the wave of star cooks has led to some healthy competition that means more variety for you and your family.

When it comes to cookbooks, you can keep your shelves well stocked without straining your budget when you shop with LTD Commodities. We also carry all the cookware and home accessories you need at the great value prices that our customers have come to expect.