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Time-Saving Back-To-School Tips

The beginning of school is a great time to introduce some new routines that will help your family start each day smoothly. Between making sure your kids are in the right place at the right time, juggling your own busy schedule and trying to run a household, things can get hectic fast. Check out our time-saving ideas to help you and your family save your sanity and make sure everyone is out the door on time.

Wake Up A Little Early

No, we're not suggesting that you get less sleep; it's important that we all get a healthy amount of sleep every day. But you'll be amazed at what you can accomplish just by getting up an extra 15 minutes early. From organizing your day and checking emails to enjoying a quiet breakfast or savoring your first cup of coffee, that extra time ensures you have some time to yourself before the craziness of the day begins. If you can get up 30 minutes before your kids, you could squeeze in a workout video or a run, too.

Reduce Morning Stress

Mornings often inevitably turn into a crazy mad rush because of disorganization. Cut down on the chaos by preparing the night before. Lunches can be packed, backpacks and briefcases can be loaded up, the table can be set for breakfast, kids and adults should lay out their clothes for the next day, papers for your child can be signed and organized. By doing just a little extra the night before you can cut down on the craziness in the morning when everyone is already tired and cranky.

Take Advantage Of Your Commute

If you find you're stuck in traffic every day, why not use that time more constructively? Listen to audio books, podcasts or motivational CDs. Use a voice recorder to make notes and to-do lists. If you take public transportation, you can get work done on your laptop, read, or catch up on your favorite TV shows on your tablet. So after the kids are dropped off at school or day care (and your drive is no longer interrupted by arguing kids or toddler toys flying from the backseat) take time to focus on the drive ahead, turn on your own music, and catch up on the news. You'll arrive to work relaxed and ready to tackle the day.

Keep A Big Calendar

Even tech-savvy families need reminders. A big calendar on the fridge or wall gives everyone a visual reminder of what's coming up for the month: parties, meetings, school events, soccer practice, music lessons, and so on. It also helps prevent overscheduling, and keeps everyone on the same page. This alone saves time because you won't have to keep checking in with family members or looking at different schedules.

Take Advantage Of Apps

The modern family is more connected than ever, and with each member toting a smartphone or mobile device it only make sense to take advantage of technology to save time and your sanity. For your day-to-day routines there are hundreds of apps that manage everything from grocery lists to home repairs. Check out these must-have apps for busy families and find some creative ways to get your schedules, shopping lists and to-do lists organized and in one place.

Grocery Shop Once A Week

Rather than make frequent stops at the store throughout the week, keep a shopping list on the fridge and let everyone know that you're going to the store on a particular day. You'll save time and money. Going hand-in-hand with this is weekly meal-planning. If you plan out dinner (and even lunches) every day of the week, you'll save time every night plus avoid those last minute fast-food stops because you didn't have time to go to the store.

Take Time For Yourself

Don't forget about you! "Me" time allows you to de-stress, unwind and rejuvenate. It's nothing more than taking the time to put aside your everyday craziness and treat yourself to an activity to enjoy. Whether it's 20 minutes of quiet meditation, a walk around the block, or indulging in a favorite hobby, it's important to find time for yourself to help you relax, refocus and recharge.

Remember that no matter what we do, there are still only 24 hours in a day. But if you use your time wisely and get the family on board with practicing time management, you'll likely find you have more time to enjoy things together. Be sure to shop our website for time management tools such as calendars and dry erase boards, office supplies and reference books. Don't forget to check out our products to make mealtime easier, from casual dinnerware and leftover storage containers to stylish lunchboxes and reusable water bottles. We have the essentials you need for less!