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What To Bring To A Memorial Day Barbecue

Are you traveling far? Do you have picky eaters? What about allergies? There are many things to consider when making plans to bring food to a potluck-style party, which Memorial Day seems to be. Here are a few tips to make sure your dish is right for the occasion.


If you are planning on drinking alcohol at a Memorial Day party, or if you are bringing kids, you should plan to bring beverages. Alcoholic or non-alcoholic, the drinks don't have to just quench your thirst, they can also be fun. Sparkling drinks using seasonal fruits make a cocktail memorable and a good punch can be a party pleaser with or without alcohol. Lemon-based drinks are also fun for spring and summer parties.

Recipe suggestion: Ginger Grapefruit Fizz

Diet Restrictions

Not everyone can eat everything. With advances in medicine and technology, people are more aware of allergies and intolerances. Many children have serious nut allergies and end up in the hospital if they even come in contact with nuts. Play it safe and bring something you know isn't risky. If it's not possible to keep your dish allergy-friendly, make sure to label your dish with major allergens. There are, of course, those who have voluntary diet restrictions like vegetarians; try to accommodate them as well.

Recipe suggestion: Vegetable Kabobs


Very old or very young partygoers may not be the most adventurous eaters. If they don't take risks on their own, they likely won't take suggestions on trying new things, either. They like foods that are familiar so when bringing food to an event (desserts, a side or a main dish) play it safe and keep it simple: nothing fancy, nothing spicy and nothing exotic. Err on the side of classic; those recipes are pretty easy to find on the internet or in discount books.

Recipe suggestion: Macaroni and Cheese

Temperature-Sensitive Food

When you're planning what to bring to the next cookout, keep in mind the temperature conditions. How much time it will be out of refrigeration will definitely affect what you can bring to the party. It's important to think about how long it will take to get to the party, and if it needs to be refrigerated when you get there. For instance, mayonnaise is temperature-sensitive and can spoil quickly. If you're traveling long distances for a party, steer clear of mayonnaise-based sides like potato salad and stick with something vinegar-based instead. The Tuscan bread salad, Panzanella, is a delicious, temperature-friendly salad with enough vinegar in it to minimize any temperature problems. Keeping temperature at the forefront of your recipe planning will keep your food tasty and safe.

Recipe suggestion: Panzanella


Seasonal sweets are the way to go for Memorial Day parties. After making it through winter, it's about time to replace the heavy creams and chocolates with lighter fruits of spring and summer. We only get each fruit and vegetable for a limited time every year so take advantage of eating what's best when it tastes the best.

Recipe suggestion: Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

Whatever you plan to bring to your Memorial Day barbecue, make it fun. Summer only comes around once a year and this year, more than most, is cause for a celebration to remember. LTD Commodities has everything you need to make your home comfortable. From home accessories to gardening basics, shop LTD Commodities.