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What To Look For When
Buying Pretend Play Sets

Whether it's a dress-up trunk, an outdoor adventure kit or a kiddie car gas station, pretend play sets make fantastic gifts for kids of all ages. But before you make a purchase, there are a few things you should keep in mind. We've compiled a quick checklist to get you started.

Is It Age Appropriate?

Before you start shopping, make sure you know the age of the child who will receive the gift. A play set for a toddler is going to be a bit different than one designed for a school-age child, simply because of the maturity and physical development of each age group. For instance, a 3-year-old would likely enjoy dress-up clothes and pretend-play costumes to inspire his or her imagination; or pretend kitchen sets and toy home accessories to strengthen hand-eye coordination. Young school-age kids would be more drawn to toys they can use to perform, such as karaoke machines, durable instruments, and kid-friendly keyboards; or more advanced pretend-play scenarios like a school classroom, veterinary clinic or beauty salon.

Are There Small Parts?

Many play sets have multiple pieces and could potentially have small parts that might be dangerous to younger children. So buying an age-appropriate toy is very important for a safe and happy playtime. Likewise, if a play set has parts that are too small for younger children to manipulate, they may simply become frustrated with the toy and discard it rather than truly enjoy everything it has to offer.

Will It Interest The Child?

Try to have a clear understanding of a child's interests and/or hobbies before buying a play set. For instance, a boy who doesn't have a collection of pocket-sized cars and trucks wouldn't get much use from a road play mat or race car track. Likewise, a girl who would rather be outside playing with bugs may not enjoy a baby doll dress-up set as much as a girl who enjoys nurturing a dolly in a pretend nursery.

With the right costumes, toys and accessories, your children can turn their imaginations into real life. From makeup sets to dresses to cleaning toys and pretend tools, your child can use play sets to pretend to be something different every day. Shop LTD for affordable pretend play sets, dress-up clothing and accessories for your kids. Check out this toy buying guide if you're looking for toys that make great holiday gifts.

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