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Your Guide To Window Coverings

When it comes to curtains, blinds, and window coverings, there are dozens of different options available. If you're confused, don't be; we've got you covered! From style and material to shade and color, we've got tips and details to help you choose the right window treatment options for your home.

Panels & Valances

Window panels with a top valance always look great in any room, as long as the view is worth it. Because a top valance and side curtains create a distinct frame, it's best to reserve these window treatments for your largest window with a beautiful view.


There are so many different types of window shades, but it can be confusing to know when to use them. With so many varieties of fabrics and patterns, shades are more than just the easy way out; they're actually the perfect blend of form and function. Shades are great for controlling how much light gets in and how much warmth gets out. We like simple shades for areas with a window seat, or you can pair a set of shades with side curtains for a little added embellishment in just about any room.


The standard go-to window covering, blinds can be a little more complicated and less practical, although they're often the most affordable option. They're a bit more difficult to clean than your typical curtains and shades, and tend to trap dirt, dropped tools, and pet and kids toys. They can also become tangled or broken with kids and pets running around.

Curtains & Linings

Do you need your window treatments to provide total privacy? Or are the curtains mostly there for decor purposes? If you want privacy, you're definitely going to need a lining for your decorative curtains. For colder climates, one of the best window treatment combinations is a heavy lining with a lighter decorative curtain. This helps to insulate your home, and works perfectly in bedrooms.

Material & Color

Choosing the right fabric and color for your window treatments can really tie your entire home together. Dark and heavy styles are great for winter and fall decorations and decor. Heavy velvet is a great insulator for winter, and matches formal rooms well, but lighter linens and cotton blends are great for casual breakfast nooks and summer decor. Go dark in the den and light in the kitchen.

Opaque or Translucent Tape

For bathrooms with separated window panels, or areas requiring more privacy or darkness, sometimes it is a good idea to add a sticky lining to the window that will fade the sunlight and provide complete privacy. You can pair this with a more attractive small curtain for decor purposes.


When it comes to curtains, one of the most common questions is about length. Should the curtain bunch at the floor or end just before it gets there? Do you want to cover the sill or stop right above it? There are two basic styles for curtains. The first is a curtain that ends right above the floor, which is a more modern, functional look. The second is just a little longer, having the curtain bunch just a bit on the floor for a more elegant, formal setting with darker colors and maybe even a Victorian theme.

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