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Santa's Workshop:
Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

Santa's Workshop

Gifts have been a big part of the Christmas tradition since the Three Wise Men and Saint Nicholas. Children all over the world look forward to gifts on Christmas Eve and Christmas. Whether kids think they're getting Christmas presents from Santa or the Three Kings, it's up to parents, guardians and family members to make a child's Christmas special. Explore some of our favorite Christmas gift ideas for kids, and take a look at our fun infographic above for holiday facts you can share with your kids about Santa's Workshop.

Kids' Art Supplies

The tradition of writing letters to Santa Claus has existed for more than a century. Today, over a million letters are expected to be addressed to Santa from the United States alone (the only two other countries that write more letters to Santa are France and Canada). In America, many letters written to Santa started winding up in the small town of Santa Claus, Indiana. In 1914, residents began writing the children back. To this day, over 20,000 letters sent to Santa Claus receive a response — a real life Santa's Workshop.

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Dolls & Doll Toys

Santa's elves have many different jobs at the North Pole besides building dolls, games and action figures. Most of their Christmas tasks keep them busy all year long. They take care of Santa's reindeer, work on Santa's sleigh, organize all the Christmas letters for Santa to read, and update the "Naughty or Nice" List. Even with Santa Claus, Indiana taking some of the load, around 8 million letters are sent to Santa worldwide, meaning Santa's little helpers have a lot of letters to catalog, and just as many toys to make.

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Cuddly Stuffed Toys

While Santa's little helpers are busy making toys for kids all over the world, Santa's reindeer rest up at the North Pole or spend their time training for Christmas Eve. Santa's reindeer need their rest, but they also need to stay in shape. After all, they pull Santa's sleigh around 210 million miles in a single night, zooming from house to house somewhere between the speed limit and the speed of light. Reindeer are one of the few animals on Earth accustomed to long journeys, migrating around 3,000 miles on hooves every year.

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Fun Children's Books

Clement Clark Moore, author of the famous poem known as "Twas the Night Before Christmas" was one of the first authors to mention Santa's little helpers in the Christmas tradition. But the elf in his story isn't who most people traditionally associate with the elves building unique toys in Santa's Workshop. Moore actually describes Santa himself as the "jolly old elf", which might be the clearest reason why elves are such a big part of the Christmas tradition today.

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Favorite Characters

When we think about Santa's Workshop, we usually picture Santa, Mrs. Claus, the Elves and the Reindeer. But as plenty of movies and television shows have proven over the years, there are a wide variety of other Christmas characters at the North Pole, including an abominable snowman who turns out to be one of the good guys, a nice narwhal living in the arctic sea near Santa's Village, a wise snowman who narrates the adventures of Rudolph and more. Find your kid's favorites characters from movies and TV at LTD.

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Holiday Food Gifts

We all know Santa enjoys plenty of cookies and milk while delivering presents to homes around America. But Santa isn't the only one who gets a snack at every house he visits. For kids around the world, it's also an important tradition to leave out treats for the reindeer pulling the jolly man's sleigh. Among the most popular treats are carrots, biscuits, oats, hay and water. In America, it's also a tradition to sprinkle magic reindeer food in the snow or on the lawn to make sure Santa can pinpoint the house from the sky.

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