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Lighting & Lamps

Affordable Accent Lighting, Table Lamps, Wall Sconces and String Lights
Magic Lamp

104 LED Umbrella Lights with Remote

Set of 2 Bulb Buddy

Flower Wall Sconce with LED Candle

Coastal Night Lights

Solar Light With Clip

Set of 2 LED Lamps

Color-Changing Light Bulb

LED Touch Light With Adhesive

6-Pc. Wireless Lighting with Remote

Gold or Silver Accent Lights

Sets of 8 LED Fairy Lights

Set of 2 Solar LED Candles

Cordless Anywhere Lamp

LED Curtain Lights

Sunflowers or Daisies Table Lamps

Set of 2 Remote-Controlled Spotlights

Flexible LED Desk Lamp with USB Cord

Wine Cork Lamp Kit

LED Patio or Umbrella Light

Slim Beam Plus

Enchanting Fairy Light Chandelier

Fairy Light Table Lamps

Mushroom Lights

Lighted Butterfly Decor

Adjustable Wall Lamp

3 LED Light with 2 Magnets

Let's Get Lit! Decor Collection

Baby Nursery Decor

Bell+Howell® Color-Changing Swivel LED Lights

Sunset Projection Lamp

NFL Bottle Brite Lamp Shades

10-Ft. LED Icicle Curtain Lights

Lighted Camper Accents

Cardinal or Poinsettia Stained Glass Nightlights

Farmhouse Country Pendant Lamps

Decorative USB Table Lamps

Adjustable Trilights Ceiling Light

USB Lamps

Vintage Red Truck Holiday Collection

Gold Pierced Hurricane Lanterns

Safety LED Strip Lighting

Pre Lit Window Curtain

Halloween LED String Lights

Lighted House Lanterns

Glass Embossed Lanterns

Frosted Snowflake Lanterns

Suction Cup Vanity Mirror LED Light Bulbs

6-Pc. Wireless Lighting

Breeze Brite Fan with LED Light

Rooster Kitchen Collection - Lamp

Personalized Baby Crown with Feet Round LED

LED Table Lamp


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Decorative Lighting and Lamps

Brighten up your home with affordable lighting and lamps. We have unique lamps that fit just about every home decor style from country to contemporary. Find versatile LED string lights, wall sconces and table lamps. Shop light fixtures that hang from the ceiling, mount on the wall or fit on the nightstand. Add fun accent lighting to a kid’s bedroom, create a cabin feel in your country home, or pick out a few decorative nightlights for the hallway.