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4 New Year's Resolutions To Help You Sleep Better

A new year means a new you! Getting more sleep might be at the top of your resolution list, but there may be goals to add to your list to help you stick to that resolution. Here are 4 of the top New Year resolutions to help you sleep better.

Lose Weight

Losing a few extra pounds may help you get a few extra zzzzs. Researchers at Johns Hopkins University examined the sleep habits and weight change of people with type 2 diabetes over a six-month period. The study participants lost an average of 15 pounds and reported sleep improvement by 20%. You don't have to necessarily start a rigorous exercise routine -- working out doesn't guarantee you a good night's sleep -- but if you're looking for ways to sleep better, losing weight might be something you should add to your New Year's resolution list.

Get Organized

Turning in for the night and turning off your brain is easier said than done sometimes. When your brain is cluttered it may mean your home is cluttered. According to Psychology Today, clutter around us is extra brain stimuli and forces our senses to work harder when we don't need them to, causing stress and brain strain. Stress can interfere with sleep -- and if we're already stressed, getting little sleep can be the cause of more stress. If getting more sleep is your goal for the year, clear the pet toys and papers in your bedroom -- getting organized as a resolution may help you achieve your main objective.

Eat Healthier

It makes sense that a good diet would lead to good sleep, but there has been little research done on the correlation. However, researchers from the University of Pennsylvania analyzed data collected on sleep and diet from more than 4,500 people. They found people who consumed the most calories slept the least and those who had normal sleeping patterns had the most variety of foods in their diets. While maintaining a balanced diet leads to better health, making it a resolution may indirectly help you follow through on your resolution to get better sleep.

Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking is one of the most popular New Year's resolutions, but giving up cigarettes may improve your sleep as well as your overall health -- and we finally have research to back up the claim. In a study out of the University of Florida and Research Triangle Park, researchers found that of 5,000 people, 32% of smokers reported to have trouble sleeping. That's much higher than the non-smokers -- and those who gave up smoking reported an improvement in their sleep quality. If you weren't planning to move on from your collegiate lifestyle and quit smoking before, perhaps improving the quality of your sleep is enough of an incentive now to make it a resolution.

However you decide to make up your list of New Year's resolutions, LTD Commodities can help you stick to them. Whether you need new sheets to make your bed more relaxing or you need new kitchen gadgets to cook healthy meals at home, shop LTD for great products at great prices.