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Easy Easter Crafts

Easter is almost here and the kids are eagerly awaiting the Easter Bunny's arrival. One way to keep them calm but encourage the excitement is to get them busy with a few Easter crafts. Turn up the music for kids and put them to work making fun and delightful Easter decor to welcome family and, of course, the Easter bunny. Here are a few easy Easter crafts to get them started.

Bountiful Baskets

There isn't anything much more exciting to kids than tearing through an Easter basket on Easter morning, so your baskets should be pretty special. If you make them that special, you want to be able to enjoy them for more than just one day. For baskets to last through the spring and summer, try making them out of flowerpots. Have your kids personalize them by painting the edges and adding a paper band for the handle. Stuff them with fake grass, eggs and candy for the holiday and when the festivities are over, you can plant seeds for a few summer blossoms.

Activity Books

Bunny Bunting

While we drape stars and snowflakes all around our homes in December, we can do the same with bunnies and Easter eggs in the spring. Bunny buntings are easy to make. All you need is a ribbon or string (colored baker's twine adds whimsy), construction paper, a good rabbit printable to trace, glue, and cotton balls for bunny tails. Have the kids decorate the bunnies with glitter, paint or markers, and glue them to the string. You can even do egg cut-outs to decorate and string between the bunnies to create a fun, kid-made Easter decoration.

Arts and Crafts Kits

Bunny Baubles

You can turn just about anything into a bunny — even burlap! Landeelu makes adorable burlap bags shaped like bunnies. All she does is cut out small rectangles with two points for bunny ears on one end, sews the two rectangles together and turns it inside out. To make it look like a bunny, she fills the bag with goodies and ties colorful baker's string where the "ears" start. They make cute party favors or treat bags for your kids.

If you want to simplify bunnies even further, you can turn hollow plastic eggs into bunnies! Just twist colored pipe cleaners into the shape of ears, add a cotton ball for a tail and bend pipe cleaners into circles for feet (the tail and feet help keep the egg upright) and paint or draw on a face. This is an easy craft for younger children and the colorful bunnies make fun baubles to put on top of your table runners for Easter dinner.

Now's the time to get hopping on your Easter shopping! However you decide to decorate, whether store-bought accents or homemade embellishments, LTD Commodities has the products and ideas to make your Easter perfect. We have a wide selection of basket-ready gifts and candy to delight friends and family of all ages.